Choose From Our Variety of Horse Boarding Services

Boarding Services

 BasicBasic with Stalling Cleaning
Basic board within the main stable area
Location in a large 28-stall barn or smaller 6-stall barn
Basic board for smaller outside barns
Location is within 100 yards of the main stable area – 7 stalls

Included With the Basic Board:

  • Feeding service provided twice daily per owner's customized instructions (refer to the rules/policy section for more details of the following)
    • Feed (grain) owner supplied
    • Provide one flake of hay once a day in the stall
    • Provide unlimited hay in turnout corrals year-round
    • Turn out to corral (dry lot)/pasture in AM and bought in during PM
    • Blanketing – one blanket on and off daily
    • Water in stalls, corrals (dry lots), and pastures
  • Sawdust is provided for daily cleaning (owners are responsible for cleaning stalls unless receiving stall cleaning services). Note: wheelbarrows, pitchforks, and rakes are provided

Stalling Cleaning Services

  • Provide daily stall cleaning all month long and add bedding/sawdust as appropriate (month to month contract)


  • We Provide space for your tack box, grain trash can, and hay either across from your stall or within a tack room with close proximity.
  • Easy access to miles of bridle trails by riding off the property.
  • Fairfax County provides a number of area parks that cater to the equestrian enthusiast.


One bale of hay $15
Can be pre-paid or bought during the month as needed
One additional flake of hay (avg. 5 lbs) – bought per day $1.50 ($40 per month)
Flake of hay is fed either AM or PM during regular feeding times
Trailer parking – $25 per month (based on two-horse trailer)
Limited space for trailer parking with a lighted parking lot to park at night
Stall cleaning $6 per stall per day
For spare of the moment or partial month requests
Dry private paddocks - $50 per month
Turnout in the AM and brought in during the PM
General care/grooming as needed
Daily or monthly contract available, ask for details

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