Rules and Policies


  • Hours of operation:  6:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.  If your horse requires attention before or after these hours, notify Mr. Oliver in advance.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING. 
  • No dogs are allowed on the premises
  • Board rent is due on the first of the month.  Checks to be made out to Oliver Stables, LLC and put in mailbox at the back door on patio – not the mailbox at the road.  Please use our Board Calculation Sheets – extra templates are in box on hay room door.
  • Only two other persons (age 12 or older) with prior horse experience will be allowed to share board.  See Mr. O for specifics.
  • Independent Instructors must have current $1,000,000 A-rated insurance policy filed with and accepted by Oliver Stables in advance of any instruction.  
  • Group lessons are not allowed – one instructor for one rider/horse.  Lessons should be no less than l/2 hour to max of 1 hour per person.
  • Wear hard hats when riding.
  • All jumps in the indoor ring are to be placed outside the ring after use.
  • Lock all gates (if you walk thru a gate, please lock it)
  • During the winter months, make sure water faucet is turned off and vented.
  • Pick up manure from the riding rings and the common areas (driveway, parking lot, etc)


  • Keep your horse’s halter or neck strap on at all times.
  • If you leave the halter (or neck strap) off, this signals the feeders to leave your horse in the stall for the day.  Leave halter on door.
  • Notify Mr. O in writing (and leave a note on your stall door) if your horse will be leaving the premises for any reason (other than local trail rides).
  • A worming schedule will be provided on a bi-monthly basis.
  • See separate sheet on blanketing instructions.
  • In cold weather, feeders will put only one blanket on in the evening and remove one in the morning.  Instructions based on color of the blanket (not the temperatures) must be placed by owner on stall door.


  • A clipboard is on each stall door which holds the “Feeding Instructions Template”.  Owners are responsible for keeping up-to-date feeding/hay/blanketing instructions on this sheet.  Additional copies are in box on hay room door.  The feeders will refer to this sheet first as not to be superseded by other notes on stall door.
  • Oliver Stables will provide one flake of hay with board and hay in dry lot/corrals year-round.
  • Owner will supply feed and prepare individual feed bags, pre-measured, in 1 baggie per feeding (a.m. and p.m.) and stored in your labeled bin across from your stall.  Trash can with scoop is acceptable as well.
  • Current rate for hay is posted on the website.  For payment, either include with board check or place in box inside hay room.


  • You are allowed 1 wheelbarrow-full of shavings every other day, or 15 loads a month.  Please help us conserve.
  • When cleaning your stall, dump water buckets into your loaded wheelbarrow, not outside.  Do not throw anything out of the stall windows.   And if you dump your water buckets, remember to fill them.
  • Make sure your stall door is securely latched when you leave.  

Riders 16 and under

No riding or jumping without adult supervision (preferable this would be a parent or legal guardian) or if being provided a lesson with an approved Independent Instructor.

  • Cannot leave the premises on trail rides without written permission from a parent or legal guardian AND accompanied by an additional experienced rider.